Origin Story


I was 12 years old and wanted to get my [tasty drink mix] in a water bottle. Friends were waiting and I needed to make it mobile.  First, I tried to cup my hand to guide the [drink mix] into the bottle, that didn't go well.  So I quickly made a paper funnel to get the "counter top spillage” into the bottle.  This blunder inspired my young mind to think up a simple invention to make this process easier.  Yeah, then I forgot about it.

Several years later, I was on my first deployment where all drinkable water comes in bottles.  I found myself in a similar position almost daily and it didn't take long for my childhood idea to surface.  A couple years more and I saved enough money to apply for a U.S. Patent (now approved).

Now we have a product that people are using every day to simplify a common task. Future plans involve more sizes and colors so check back for updates!